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Makassar or mostly known as Ujung Pandang is the capital of Sulawesi Selatan Province and the biggest city located on the southwest coastal area of Sulawesi Island. This city is lived by many ethnic groups such as Makassar, Bugis, Toraja, Mandar, Buton, Javanese and Chinese. This city is also known as Daeng City and Anging Mamiri City. This city directly facing to Makassar Strain has many interesting tourism spots you can visit.

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Airport information Makassar (UPG)

Airport infoMakassar Sultan Hasanuddin Airport information

The new terminal of Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport is spacious and comfortable making it one of the best airport terminals in Indonesia. The airport is located 20km northeast of the city. Makassar Airport is a major hub for flights between west and east Indonesia and with over 5 million passengers a year it is one the busiest airports in Indonesia. The new terminal is built for the future with free wifi, spacious shopping area and it can accommodate the Boeing 747 Jumbojet. From Makassar you can take a flight to almost every airport in the eastern part of the country as well as to major airports in Java and Kalimantan. Garuda and Airasia have flights from Makassar to a few international destinations like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Welcome to all new Bandara Sultan Hasanuddin
Welcome to all new Bandara Sultan Hasanuddin
Waiting area at the gate
Waiting area at the gate

transportTransport to and from Makassar to the airport Sultan Hasanuddin

There is no public bus at Makassar Airport but you can take the free shuttle bus which will take you to the main road. There you can get on a bemo (Rp 4000) to Makassar Mall in downtown Makassar. The shuttle bus departs on the lower level on the far right side. If you arrive late in the evening it can take a long time before it departs though. Alternatively you can take a taxi. Taxis to the city booked at the taxi stand have the fixed price of Rp 100.000. You can try to get a taxi direct from the driver but it will not be much cheaper. They will offer you Rp 70.000 but then it does not include the toll fee.

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bookingNews about Airport Makassar

21 Jan 23:48 Makassar gets more international air connections

alternative routesAlternative routes for Makassar

Makassar is located in Sulawesi. There are more airports in Sulawesi, you can try to search for flights to these airports as well and take a bus or train to get to Makassar:

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