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Susi Air flies to over 0 destinations. Most Susi Air flights are for destinations in Indonesia but there are flights to several other countries as well, like for example Indonesia and Indonesia. Susi has its base in Biak from where 1 flights depart every week. Popular destinations for Susi flights are to Jakarta and Jakarta. Utiket has a lot more information about Susi Air and we can help you to find the best price.

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  1. Free Checked baggage Susi:Free Checked baggage
  2. Susi IATA Code: SI
  3. Based in :Indonesia

About Susi Air

Susi Air was established in 2004 by Christian von Strombeck and Susi Pudjiastuti and operates flights to more remote destinations in Indonesia with small propeller aircrafts, mostly Cessna Grand Caravan.

They have four bases in Medan, Jakarta's Halim airport, Balikpapan and Jayapura from where they fly to destinations in that area.

There are some concerns about safety at Susi Air though.

baggageBaggage allowance

Each passenger can bring into the cabbin one standard bag with a maximum weight of 7 kg.

The maximum weight for checked baggage is 15 kg. You can check-in multiple bags but the combined weight may not exceed 15 kg.
It is possible to check-in more weight, but there will be additional costs. Please contact Susi Air for the exact price before you book a flight.

bookingNews about Susi Air

History Susi Air

Susi Air is one of the airlines in Indonesia. Susi Air itself is managed by PT ASI Pujiastuti Aviation. Susi Air is a lot more to operate in areas that have not been touched by other major airlines are. Susi Air's history cannot be separated from formidable woman from the small town Pangandaran of origin whose full name is Susi Pudjiastuti. This woman inspired many people through his life story that could eventually make her as a woman entrepreneur who triumphed in the fishing business and aviation.

Susi Air was started from the owner’s dream, Susi Pudjiastuti who wanted to have a plane to take fish from Pangandaraan to Jakarta. Susi was a fish entrepreneur at that time. She sent the fish collected by fishermen from Pangandaran to Jakarta by truck. Susi was not a child of the entrepreneurs family. She's just a woman who did not even graduate from high school. For her, formal education is not important and with high determination she dropped out of high school and with hard work and perseverance she succeeded in having export quality processed fish as well as 50 aircrafts.

Susi Air first flew in 2004. Actually Susi had prepared business plan with her beloved husband, Christian von Strombeck in 2000 but there was no bank which would lend the funds to purchase aircraft. Then in 2004, Mandiri Bank lend funds amounting to USD 4.7 million to start a flight business. Tsunami disaster in Aceh that occurred in 2004, exactly two months after the maiden flight of Susi Air had inhibited the rate of Susi Air. At that time Susi, the owner, chose to operate aircraft to deliver food and medicine to the victims of the tsunami disaster. Because the sense of humanity, she almost did not care about the loss they suffer as the flight cannot operate and no income for that time. But who would have thought her good deed resulted an income when Susi Air was about to return to Cilacap, foreign non-governmental organizations hired the aircraft intending to deliver aid to Aceh. Aircraft leasing money was used to pay the mortgage to the bank.

Susi Air is now more focused on the aviation pioneer, but always develops aviation business. In 2011, Susi Air has had 50 aircraft and 80 pilots, but the owners keep expanding. Susi Pudjiastuti, the owner of Susi Air, is one of the Indonesian women that we should imitate her hard work to be able to give benefit for others.