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93% would recommend Sriwijaya Air
67% thought Sriwijaya Air has good airplanes
61% thought Sriwijaya Air was on time
81% liked Sriwijaya Air cabin crew
78% thought checkin was good
74% liked the extras of Sriwijaya Air

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Sriwijaya Air flies to over 17 destinations. Most Sriwijaya Air flights are for destinations in Indonesia but there are flights to several other countries as well, like for example East Timor and Malaysia. Sriwijaya has its base in Jakarta from where 54 flights depart every week. Popular destinations for Sriwijaya flights are to Makassar and Surabaya. Utiket has a lot more information about Sriwijaya Air and we can help you to find the best price.

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Rules and information for Sriwijaya Air

  1. Free Checked baggage Sriwijaya:Free Checked baggage
  2. Sriwijaya IATA Code: SJ
  3. Based in :Indonesia

About Sriwijaya Air

Sriwijaya Air is an Indonesian airline offering mostly domestic flights within Indonesia and a few international destinations. It is the third largest airline in Indonesia after Lion Air and Garuda and still fully privately owned.

Sriwijaya started flying in 2003 and has experienced rapid growth since. From its base in Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport it is now flying to over 30 destinations with 35 aircraft carrying over 800.000 passengers per month. Its fleet consists of Boeings, mostly 737-500 and the new 737-800 and 900.

Sriwijaya is not a low-cost airline in the normal sense. Although its prices are comparable to low-cost airlines it wants to offer a full-service package. It is currently re-configuring its entire fleet to add business class seats and the free snack you currently get will be improved into a light meal. Sriwijaya also offers a 20 kilo free checked baggage.

baggageBaggage allowance

You are allowed to bring 20 kilos of baggage to be checked-in free of charge in all Sriwijaya flights except on the route Tanjung Pinang to Jakarta (vv) where you get 15 kilo free baggage allowance. You can check in more baggage of course but you will need to pay an excess baggage fee which will depend on the length of your flight.

You are also allowed to bring a standard sized cabin baggage of up to 7 kilo.

informationCancellations, name changes and refunds

It depends on the class of the ticket you have if you are allowed to change schedule, depart dates or can cancel the flight. Best is to read the detailed rules of the ticket before you buy to avoid unnecessary errors.

You are not allowed to change names when you have booked online. If you book online, please make sure that all passenger information is correct.

bookingNews about Sriwijaya Air

Call center Sriwijaya Air

Sriwijaya Air's call center can be reached at these two numbers: +62 2129279777 and +62 8041777777.

Sriwijaya Air Terminals

Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta

Sriwijaya Air uses the main domestic terminal for all its flights: Terminal 1B.

History Sriwijaya Air

Sriwijaya Air was founded in 2003 by the Lie family (Hendry and Chandra Lie), Johannes Bundjamin and Andy Halim. Together they wanted to start an airline which would connect the whole archipelago. The name Sriwijaya is based on the old Srivijaya empire which roughly encompassed current Sumatra, Java and Peninsular Malaysia in the 7th till 13th century. The word Srivijaya itself is Sanskrit and a contraction of the two words Sri (meaning fortunate or happy) and Vijaya (meaning victorious or excellence).

Sriwijaya Air began flying in 2003 with flights between Jakarta and Pangkal Pinang (on Bangka Island). Soon other routes followed such as Jakarta Pontionak (Borneo) and Jakarta Palembang (Sumatra) and in a five years time Sriwijaya Air flew to 30 destinations with over 20 aircraft. Since then, around 2009, Sriwijaya Air faced increased competition by Lion Air and growth stalled. While Lion Air owns and operates brand-new Boeing 737-900 Sriwijaya Air still used second-hand and leased twenty-year old airplanes.

The last years Sriwijaya Air has put its energy not so much in expansion of new destinations but in a fleet renewal program. The airline has bought its first brand-new 737-900 airplanes as well and will retire its entire 737 Classic fleet by leasing and buying newer aircraft. In 2013 Sriwijaya Air launched its subsidiary NAM air, which will fly on minor routes, feeding passengers on Sriwijaya Air flights on the main routes.