1h 55m Flight Citilink QG 9743 - Jakarta to Makassar - Utiket

Flight QG 9743


Citilink Flight number QG 9743

From Jakarta to Makassar

Flight information for Citilink flight QG 9743 for Sep 2016

13:10 (GMT +07)
16:05 (GMT +08)

1h 55m
1 hour
1434 km
748 km/h

Soekarno-Hatta International
Java (West), Indonesia
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Sultan Hasanuddin
Sulawesi, Indonesia
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More about Citilink flight QG 9743

Flight QG 9743 departs from Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 13:10 and arrives at Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin Airport at 16:05. There is an 1 hour time difference between Jakarta and Makassar.

Scheduled departures are Thu and this is domestic Indonesia flight.

The flighttime is about 1h 55m. The distance travelled ("as the bird flies"): 1434 Km. So the average speed is roughly 748 Km.