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Lion Flight number IW 2265

From Balikpapan to Surabaya

Flight information for Lion Air flight IW 2265 for Aug 2014

17:05 (GMT +08)
17:35 (GMT +07)

1h 30m
1 hour
820 km
547 km/h

Kalimantan (East), Indonesia
Flights to Balikpapan

Java (East), Indonesia
Flights to Surabaya

More about Lion Air flight IW 2265

Flight IW 2265 departs from Balikpapan Sepinggan Airport at 17:05 and arrives at Surabaya Juanda Airport at 17:35. There is an 1 hour time difference between Balikpapan and Surabaya.

Scheduled departures are Thu Fri Sat and this is domestic Indonesia flight.

The flighttime is about 1h 30m. The distance travelled ("as the bird flies"): 820 Km. So the average speed is roughly 547 Km.

The cheapest price we found for this flight is: USD 481,00. Looking for more flight prices, please use the searchform on the top left