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Jakarta Jakarta is Indonesia's capital. As a country capital, it develops rapidly. It becomes a biggest metropolitan city in Indonesia and also the 6th biggest metropolitan city in the world. Jakarta is densely populated with very kind residents who come from various cities that make Jakarta has various cultures. Although the indigenous culture of Jakarta is Betawi but it can blend with other cultures nicely here. The Jakarta's night atmosphere is very nice where you can enjoy various amusement places.

Jakarta Travel guide

  1. Manila depart Jakarta

    1. 1 Apr
    2. Flights  Tiger
    3. USD 225.05
    1. 2 Apr
    2. Flights  Cebu Pacific
    3. USD 182.07
    1. 3 Apr
    2. Flights  Cebu Pacific
    3. USD 192.11
    1. 4 Apr
    2. Flights  Cebu Pacific
    3. USD 189.90
  1. Iloilo depart Jakarta

    1. 1 Apr
    2. Flights  Cebu Pacific
    3. USD 270.81
  1. Hong Kong depart Jakarta

    1. 1 Apr
    2. Flights  Tiger
    3. USD 172.03
    1. 2 Apr
    2. Flights  AirAsia
    3. USD 241.99
    1. 3 Apr
    2. Flights  AirAsia
    3. USD 235.04
    1. 4 Apr
    2. Flights  AirAsia
    3. USD 137.28

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Indonesia, a country made out of 6000 islands is the worlds largest archipilego and home to one of the largest Buddhist temple in the world: the Borobudur. But the diversity of Indonesia, in landscape, cultures and people is immense and you could travel around for a year and still not have seen all.

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